Accounting program adapted for the new general accounting plan


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Amicont is an accounting program designed for small and medium businesses. You can use it to keep track of all of your accounts, invoices, forecasts and payments, lists of calculations, tax information, balances, and more.

The tool automatically records and saves all the data that you enter or modify. You can then access it from the program's history, calculations, or balances.

You will be able to connect all the computers that you need to to the database, and they will all be capable of consulting the data that they need, no matter where they are located.

You can extract reports from each fiscal year, or generate reports to compare tax and other information between several years.

Files can be saved in a variety of formats, and there is also an option to share data between companies, since the program can work with up to 9,999 businesses at the same time.
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